Kaden Trivia Giveaway

Here's another chance to win an authentic piece of artwork by my 5yr old son, Kaden.  The first person to answer the following correctly wins a copy of this newly created art project by Kaden.

This is a copy of the original, hand-made, mixed-media creation Kaden completed this afternoon - it's printed on 100% cotton, 24lb, white, professional paper using an inkjet printer.

This was a ver-batem question asked by Kaden to me.

Can we watch that movie with the robot with the green eyes that figures out how to use that gun?  And with all the aliens?  I've seen it before with you and mom.

What is the name of the movie?

HINT:  This is not an animated movie.

HINT:  This movie is based on a book of the same name written just over 30 years ago.

Use the comment section below to provide as specific an answer as possible - don't forget your name - first name and initial of last name. The contest ends this Friday - good luck - this is a tough one!

Baby Birthday Contest Winner - Alison Waters de Celis

Congratulations to my aunt Alison who won our Baby Birthday Contest!  We collected $85 - Alison won 50% of that total.  Adam (new baby) won the other half.  I'll post what Adam is doing with his earnings a bit later.  Thank you all who participated!

Gallery of Adam coming soon, here's a preview:


Adam Jozef Rokitowski

We have a baby!  My beautiful, amazing, brave wife just gave birth to our second child.  Adam Jozef Rokitowski - 7 1/2oz, 20in, toe-head born at 3:55a at Tampa General Hospital (geesh).  Mom is doing well from her first natural birth (our first child was a c-section), and is feeding Adam right now.  It's late - or early - and everyone is tired.  I'll have pictures up later in the day.  Thanks for your prayers!