Genesis Electric - Branding

I was asked to create a logo for a good friend's new company, Genesis Electric.  Appears they are taking off rather quickly - good news!

They asked I use blue and green as their colors (though no specific shade/tone).  After several tweeks we arrived at a lightbulb shape that incorporates the 'G' and 'E'.  It can stand alone as a recognizable logo or the full text can be used which has been the case so far in their application (business cards, tshirts).  I also designed the business card.

Stand-alone logo for Genesis Electric

Logo with full business name text


Business Card


Black and whites

Skycrest Ash Wednesday

Here are some work-ups for invitations and handouts for a drive-thru Ash Wednesday service our church is offering.  On Ash Wed, during a small block of time in the morning, our Pastor will be set up right outside our church doors offering to put ashes on anyone who chooses.

Normally, folks who attend our Ash Wed worship service in the evening get ashes (which they still can), but only get to have it for a short time before going home, so this gives people a chance to wear the ashes all day.

This would be the front side of 4 x 6 inch postcard:

Ash Wednesday is, traditionally, a time when Christians prepare for the celebration of Easter by spending 40 days repenting of their wrongdoings.  It's a solemn time where one reflects on the sacrifice Jesus made.  Often, Christians will give up something in their lives (food, extra-curricular things, etc), and replace those things with prayer.